Since 1961, Arvada West High School Football has been building a history deeply rooted in winning. Along with producing some of the state’s top athletes, Arvada West has won 2 State Championships, 10 League Titles, over 75 college football scholarships, 3 NFL players, and 2 Gold Helmet Award Winners. Our culture comes from the legacy of Purple Pride in the Arvada community. At Arvada West, we have a saying that “Tradition Never Graduates.” Many former players either end up teaching or coaching at Arvada West and our current Head Coach, Brad Pyatt, is an alumni from 1999. Over the past 50 years, Arvada West has had 7 Head Coaches, most notably Dave Logan and Brian McGregor. The football program plays in Colorado’s 5A Division and in the Jefferson County League.

"Winning matters but at what cost? Before a winning program can happen, the focus needs to be on building real character in the players. These days, too many programs believe in winning no matter what, when they should be helping young athletes learn values like dedication, putting others first, and working hard. These values help people win in life, beyond the playing field. Football ends, life doesn’t, so football should be fun for them. My goal is to help prepare these players for later on, after sports Their high school years should be seen as some of their greatest years."
Brad Pyatt